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Updating themes with new releases ( Version above 5.1.0 )

If you are running a Mavon version older than 6.0.0, and you are considering updating your theme to the latest release. Then you must follow the mandatory instructions.

“As part of our ongoing enhancements, we are pleased to announce the integration of Shopify’s newest feature, the Color Group Scheme Group. With this upgrade, users will have the flexibility to incorporate unlimited color schemes into their projects.”

Add Update Theme #

  • When an update for a theme is available, a notification replaces the theme version number in your Shopify Admin. Click the notification to open the details pop-up, and then click Add to theme library to add the updated version to your theme library or View release notes to read about the new release.

After updating the theme,you will notice a message in the customizer. In addition, you will lose your color configuration. Do not be concerned about this issue!

To address this issue, follow the instructions given below.

Color Restore #

Section Color scheme #

Previous Color schemeNew Color scheme
Background 1Scheme 1
Background 2Scheme 2
InverseScheme 3
Primary AccentScheme 4
Secondary AccentScheme 5

Theme settings > Color #

Previous Color settingsNew Color settings
Edit Color scheme

-> The color scheme edit panel will appear after you click on the color scheme.

Update color code #

Background 1 #
Previous settings (Background 1)New Settings (Scheme 1)

Background 2 #
Previous settings (Background 2)New Settings (Scheme 2)
Inverse #
Previous settings (Inverse)New Settings (Scheme 3)

Primary Accent #
Previous settings (Primary Accent)New Settings (Scheme 4)

Secondary Accent #
Previous settings (Secondary Accent)New Settings (Scheme 5)

Contact us #

If you encounter any difficulties configuring the latest update, we encourage you to contact us for assistance. Our support team is standing by and eager to help resolve any issues promptly.

To reach out to our team, please utilize the contact form provided at

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