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How to create a unique product template.

Initiate the Process in the Customizer #
  • Start by accessing the Theme Customizer through this Customizer Access. This is where you’ll make the initial steps towards creating a new template.

Select Your Product #
  • Within the Customizer, choose the product for which you want to create a unique template. Use this guide for selecting a product. It’s important to select the product carefully to ensure the template applies correctly.

Create the Product Template #
  • With your product selected, move on to creating the template itself. Follow the process outlined. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for your custom template.

Name Your Template #
  • Assign a distinct name to your template for easy identification. See how to add a template name. A clear, descriptive name will help you manage templates efficiently.

Link Template to Product in Admin #
  • Navigate to your Shopify admin area, then to Products. Select the specific product you’re working with. Reference this screenshot for guidance. This step connects your newly created template with the intended product.

Apply the Custom Template #
  • Within the product settings in admin, choose the custom product template you’ve created from the dropdown. For visual assistance. This action officially assigns your custom template to your product.

Refine the Template in Customizer #
  • Return to the Customizer to further refine and personalize the product template. Access it again via:
  • and navigate to the specific product.

Customize Your Unique Template #
  • You’re now set to customize the unique product template to better suit your product and brand style. This is your opportunity to make your product stand out with unique styling and content.

For a comprehensive guide and more details on creating and managing templates in Shopify, consider reading Shopify’s official documentation: Shopify Template Guide.

By following these steps, you create a tailored shopping experience for your customers, highlighting the uniqueness of your products through custom templates.

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