How to add a custom badge to your product

To add a custom badge to your product using a metafield, please follow these detailed steps along with the accompanying screenshots for guidance:

Navigate to the “Custom Data Settings” in your store’s admin page. For reference, see the screenshots here: #
  • Custom Data Settings Overview
  • Entering Custom Data Settings
Once in the settings, you will need to add a definition for your new metafield. You can do this by following the instructions shown in this screenshot: #
With the definition in place, proceed to add the metafield information as follows: #

Please input the metafield information accurately:

  • Metafield Name: Product card new badge (This is a label; you may choose any name you prefer)
  • Namespace and Key: meta.product_new_badge (This identifier is mandatory and must be used as given)
  • Type: Select “Date” from the available options
To associate the metafield with a specific product: #
  • Go to the product details page (Specific Product Page) by following screenshot:

  • Set the date for the badge’s display period on the product page (Setting Badge Display Date):

  • Decide the duration for which the badge will appear on the product (Duration Settings):

  • Enable the badge display option for specific sections as required(Enabling Badge for Sections):
Finally, to localize the badge text for different languages, follow these instructions: #
  • Go to the “Edit Default Theme Content” section (Edit Theme Content):

  • Translate the badge text as needed (Translate Badge Text):

If you require further clarification or assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help!

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